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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  April 18, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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good evening. i'm katie. two team are dead and two other are missing in marin county. the coast guard began searching for the board when it didn't return to bodega bay after a fishing trip. the victims are 61-year-old diana kelly of windsor and richard hargrave. 28-year-old ryan zilla and dave brennan are still missing. we have more on today's search. >> i started uple trail here and started seeing helicopters flying along the coast, real low. >> reporter: this hiker watched
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the search and rescue mission unfold. helicopters assisting the coast guard in the search for survivors of a boat accident near tomales bay. >> right now we're continuing a search for two other people. >> reporter: but the two others on board of the pleasure craft did not survive. there was a debris field nearby and on shore. crews riding jet skis searched the freezing water for the two missing passengers on board. the crew left bodega bay for a salmon fishing trip but did not return by nightfall. family members called 911. >> there was a warning to boaters for rough seas along the coast this weekend urging vessels to use caution and passengers to use life vests. >> if you are going to go out
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check the weather and wear a life jacket. >> a life vest was spotted on shore near the boat's wreckage. a cause of the tragedy is under investigation. abc 7 news. sky 7 hd shows waved crashing against the shoreline. as cornell mentioned, the coast guard asking beachgoers to exercise caution. we're going to check in withdrew. >> and satellite over the past 12 hours sl show you the ripple of energy trying to push inland as we speak. and as it does it is creating a rather active ocean current over the weekend. take a look at current wave looks. san francisco 8 foot waves, half foot bay at 9 feet. and tomorrow the waves will be higher than normal. so a risk of strong current risk and stronger breakers on the
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coastal communities over the next 24 hours. and the upper level low is creating dense fog and we'll let you know what it means for your sunday in a few minutes. >> drew, thank you. governor brown's proposed mandatory cutback for the drought has been revised. today the state water resources control board presented instead of a 25% cut reduction it will depend on where you live and how much water you use. many complained. >> it was irritate me when i go to different places where i see people letting the water run or doing their lawn. >> under the new proposal, cuts would range from 4 to 36%. hillsborough, discovery bay andagerton and woodside join cities that would have to conserve the most. morgan hill and palo alto would
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cut by 36% and san francisco would only cut by 8% because conservation has been so good. the body of an antioch man has been recovered six days after he was thrown from his motorcycle and off the antioch bridge. the sheriff's office tells abc 7 news that a family friend located the body of dylan raj this morning about half a mile southeast of the bridge. his motorcycle crashed into a car and he fell 135 feet into the river on sunday. oh my god. oh my god. >> new cell phone video of that gas line explosion at the fresno county sheriff gun range off of ohio 99. the blast sent 11 people to the hospital and four were released today and two still in critical condition. pg&e say they were building a dirt berm but not notified of
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work in the area to mark off gas lines. san francisco fire investigators believe a cigarette butt left in a potted plant sparked a fire. flames broke out on pine street on a balcony. they cut a hole in the attic for ventilation and quickly knocked down the fire. >> we woke up just in time. if we didn't wake up within 20 minutes it would have burnt the whole apartment down. we caught it in time to sort of not allow the fire to come into our living area. >> and fortunately no one was hurt. well one down 15 to go. the warriors hung on to take the first steps toward an nba championship. fans oracle arena for game one. the team knows how important home-court advantage is for the playoffs and katie has more about the impact the fans had on
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the game. >> reporter: the battle cry -- is deafening. >> the warriors are the best fans in the nba and every time you come here is a huge party. >> the war paint, blue, gold. >> i wanted to send a message. slash mode is on all day. >> the nation silences the enemy's free throws with the rumble of thunder sticks. >> the record speaks for itself especially at home. >> and steph curry. >> he's taking control of the game. >> there is strength in numbers on the scoreboard. >> we're going to beat them by 40 every game. those are the numbers we're going to put up on them. >> the more men we have, the more we're going to smash them. >> and the numbers at the arena. >> but does the slogan has a different meaning, a team backed by fans and by bar yak who made the 15 hour flight from israel to see his warriors battle.
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>> it is the most exciting thing in the world. >> katie abc 7 news. >> she'll have game highlights in sports. and meanwhile on abc 7 news at 9:00, while there is a backoff of the attack of obama care. and a ring of death for wildlife. >> [ inaudible ]. >> wow! >> the force is strong with this little h
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took part in the state park foundation earth day restoration and clean-up. volunteers picked up trash and removed invasive plants from point isabel regional shorp line at mclaughlin east shore state park. the statewide program has resulted in nearly 335,000 volunteer hours which is worth more than $6 million in park maintenance and improvements. a new study suggests there is a road kill ring of death running through the area.
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uc davis tracked 29,000 reports of road kill and here is the map. heavy losses in the bay area deer on 2 0i and bobcats and deer on state route 217 because highways run through marshes. and now they are building wildlife crossings at some of the road kill hot spots. elon musk took to twitter to talk about the cause of the explosion of the rocket last week. he said the slow response of the throttle valve, too much static and lost control of engine power which effected boosters which helped to stabilize the rocket. just as it is about to makes a safe landing it tips over and leaving a fire ball on the landing barge. they will attempt another landing in two months. coming up next on abc 7 news
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at 9:00, a happy reunion for a east bay family that added one more member thanks to helping hands. and dig out your umbrellas, a few rainy days ahead meteorologist drew tuma is up next with the forecast. and the warrior seem to be toying with the pelicans. but no worry steph curry
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here is a sweet reminder that firefighters do more than put out firefighters. baby eva dropped in on the crew for a reunion. last month her mom went into labor but on the way to the hospital they got delayed by construction. eva wouldn't wait and they were blocks from a fire station and firefighters responded and they delivered the baby in the car on the side of the road. everyone looking great and healthy. a young star wars fan is over the death star moon after getting george lucases to marry and be a jedi. they sworn to fight for peace and order. it is believed strong emotional attachments lead to the dark side. but 7-year-old lucas wrote and the creator wrote back. >> being a jedi is to know compassion and loyalty and these values are important in marriage. >> oh, my goodness.
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i can get married. no way! >> lucas film owned by abc 7 parent company disney sent star wars swag for the jedi in training and signed off with may the force be with you. here drew let me loan you this if you want to write your letter. >> advice as a jedi. >> that is nice. >> he is so excited. when he gets married, someone should show his bride that video. >> that will play at the wedding. we're talking about somebody for everybody. the fog and cold temperatures we have that and summer warmth, you move inland. so a taste of summer in time for spring. live doppler hd showing you we are clear in terms of precipitation and stepping outside a live look from our tower camera normally you would see plenty of lights from the san francisco skyline but we do have fog pushing inland and that is obscuring some of you.
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the visibility, most locations are pretty good. with 10 miles of visibility. right along the coast, half moon bay, visibility dropping to 2 1/2 miles and petaluma even lesser. over to almanac on the 18th day of april, sunshine allowed many locations to get above normal. san francisco, oakland up to 67, beating the average high of 67. san jose up to 75 better than the average of 71 right now. 52 in oakland off the high of 67. 51 in save. still warm in antsyock. livermore 67 and san jose at 61. and there is the rip of of energy and it is grabbing pacific moisture and pushing inland. so early morning fog to start off the sunday but two areas of high pressure will get the fog out of here in most locations. by the afternoon a lot of
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sunshine and warming temperatures. so future fog cast does show you overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning 6:00 on sunday morning, fog is widespread throughout the region. so wake up to some locations of dense fog. late in the morning and by lunchtime it has evaporated around the bay but still lngerring along the coast. so a wide range of temperatures thanks to the fog lingering along the coast. and along the coast, fog moving in and partly cloudy and dropping to the mid-40s in most locations and in san jose. 79 for san shoez. 81 morgan heil. 76 for cupertino. along the coast, the fog hanging on to 53 pacifica. 51 half mon bay. 62 in downtown san francisco. 68 daly city. north bay 75, santa rosa 76. 74 vallejo. and up to 68 in oakland. 73 union city. and one final stop, the inland
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valley seeing sunshine and warm. 85 antioch and 83 in livermore. air quality on your sunday. tree pollen high. tree juniper and oak and pollen moderate levels this time of year. accurate sunday forecast showing you dense fog and sunshine by the afternoon. we're warm. coastal clouds on monday. cooler air arriving on tuesday and after the cool air, katie, wednesday and thursday there is a chance of a sport -- a sprinkle here and there and then out of here by friday and saturday. >> even seeing the fog shocked me. where is this coming from. >> get ready for the summer spread tomorrow. >> over to the warrior. >> i see you have drew over there. >> it is good to know. you have to win 16 playoff games to capture a title and the
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warrior began with the new orleans but it wasn't the big easy. oracle was a see of gold or yellow this afternoon. warriors nervous and settled down. to bogue urt and ben curry from way downtown. 10-0 run, and awake for the early start. pelicans 8-0 run for itself and then steph curry but davis, oh, my, get out of the way. a 15-2 run and curry drives high off the glass and foul warriors led by 18 at the break. green, the only warrior not starting in double-digits, opening the second with a three. curry struggled with deep 1 from 7 from beyond the arc and then back to back doubles here and then upon dexter to make -- and then pondexter. and then alley-oop to cut it
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back and 20 in the quarter. a game high 35. and then curry to green. drive and spank. warriors hang on for a 106-99 victory and afterward stefit was a good lead. >> it was good for us to have to deal with the feeling in the building. especially as a favorite. and when a team starts to come back and you have to feel that. that is all part of it. >> a win is a win in the playoff, right? >> yeah, it is. you don't know how it will play out, but in the playoffs you just want to get a win and it wasn't pretty but we'll regroup and with our 1-0 lead and get back to work on monday. >> game two monday night. last night, law ri took out escobar and as a result, they didn't take kindly. after a rbi double from butler
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redick his first homer of the year a three-run shot. and here is the retaliation. ventura, fastball to the rib cage. he takes the high road or a walk to first base. benches would clear but cooler heads prevailed. a's win 5-0 the final. meanwhile, joe panik taking on the d'backs. scoringin oaky. and posey with a broken bat, shallow center, panik scores. and hanson 7 236 struck out six and the only blemish by peralta in the fourth. now bottom four, 2-1 snakes, not for long crawford off on de la rosa. two-run shot. 4-1. fun moment in the seventh a
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ball in the stands and bounces into a gentleman's beer. what does he do? take a drink. they snap the losing streak, winning 4-1. and how about another beer drinking. a young lady stole the show, catching the foul ball in her beer cup. and then the chug. this is a new trend. and they win 7-6 in extra innings. and the golden bears in memorial. high late of the day to austin down the side line. oh goodness. he lays out, dare i say, humanesque. starting quarterback -- i guess it would be better if you would have said it. got some reps and another acrobatic stretch of his own. starting season september 5th. see the warriors over on abc at
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11:00 and i'll see you then. >> down right shoeman-esque. a diamond soh
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coming up tonight at 11:00, say goodbye is a popular san francisco restaurant closes doors after half a century. why they are leaving now. and an unusual case of mistaken identity. parrots rescued from a burning home. what firefighters first thought tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. well, if dieflds are a girl's best friend a huge rock being auctioned off on tuesday probably has a lot of friends. this 100 karat behemoth is expected to fetch $25 million at a sothebys auction in new york.
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it is not just huge, it is clear and colorless. the head of the jewelry department said it is so clear it can only be compared to an icy pool of water. this is considered the largest emerald cut diamond to be auctioned off ever. anyone have a birthday coming up. >> i want to know who owns the ring they are auctioning off right? >> yes. >> diamonds are a girl's best friend. >> that is what they say. i'll let you know. thanks for watching abc 7 news at pete: warning: please do not attempt any of the activities presented in this show. they are dangerous and could cause serious injury. okay. pause. that's not the right drill bit for that. >> [screams] pete: [groans] [music playing]
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pete: what went down. today on "what went down"... fireworks let loose. shotgun misuse. refrigerator abuse. >> [screams] pete: slides in use. okay. we get it. you're rhyming. and an explosive... [explodes] deuce? hey, i rhymed myself. time to hide under some crates and sneak up on a box car. oh, it's a bike segment? sorry.
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